Meet Mauteria.

Meet Mauteria.

Meet Mauteria. 

Mauteria is someone who had the opportunity to live with my wife and I in the student housing. When you first meet Mauteria, you see a little petite frame but as soon as she opens her mouth, you realize her personality is far from small. She carries such an amazing aura and her presence is felt when she enters a room. She has been blessed with a high level of intelligence and brilliance and even though she is small, she is mighty and could knock out most of the boys her age if she is tried. 

Mauteria has business savvy and street smarts. She pays attention to every little detail and is a natural born entrepreneur. When she lived with my wife and I, she was always on top of everything and watching and learning. She would get herself up every morning and make sure her hygiene was in order and she was dressed and ready to go for school.  She would then wake up everyone else and help them get ready! She is a self-starter and doesn’t make excuses.  My wife is a very clean and orderly person and she would pay attention to the way my wife wanted stuff done around the house and would make sure everyone in the house knew how to clean the way my wife did. We didn’t ask her to do this; she was just always taking initiative.  She was the most responsible kid we had in the house but also one of the youngest at 10 years old. 

I would often watch in wonder as this little firecracker would take action. She was FEARLESS! She would stand up to anybody and take on any challenge! This is a much-needed gift as an entrepreneur. She also has a sharp mouth!  This of course was both good and bad depending on the day and situation. She can easily build you up or tear you down with her tongue! We were constantly helping her learn how to control her mouth and use it for positive rather than negative and teaching her about the power of her words. I don’t know if any other kid in our house was as influential over others as her. 

She has longed for guidance and mentorship from the first day I met her. I first met her when I was mentoring her brother before we started the student housing and school. One day I pulled up to their house to pick up her brother and she boldly came out of the door and yelled “Hey, are you Maurice’s mentor?, I want a mentor too”. I soon connected her with my wife. They have very similar personalities in a lot of ways and hit it off instantly! Eventually her and her brother came to stay in our home and were challenged to learn and grow and become the best that they could be. Little did we know that they would help us learn and grow and challenge us to be the best we could be as well, especially Mauteria!

When we started It’s Good in the student house, Mauteria was one of the first kids to express the desire to be a part of the vision and she was always ready to help make and sell the drinks! She went door to door around the neighborhood with me to share the drinks and vision with the community. She was also one of the kids who was inspired to eat healthier while living in the house. She is excited about the opportunity our youth franchise model offers and will be one of the first to go through our training. She has already been consistent in working the It’s Good mobile bar at events and preparing the drinks in our commercial kitchen.  She is what we call in the hood a “ride or die” sidekick. She is always ready and willing to work and she gets stuff done!

She joyfully serves our customers with excellence and knows how to manage the crowds well. She is a natural born leader and also tends to naturally step into that role when she runs the mobile bar. At 12 years old she already has the mind and drive of a CEO. When things go wrong, she quickly takes action to figure out the problem and fix it. She doesn’t wait around for someone else to do it. Even though she is already a great leader, she is never too proud to ask for help and learn new things. 

Mauteria is a fearless leader and entrepreneur whose fire is unquenchable. Even though life has thrown her many curveballs and has definitely not been easy for her or her family, she still finds a way to beat the odds and overcome the negative obstacles in her way. She is hungry for success and victory. Please join us in helping to continue to fuel her flame. We want other young girls to look at her example and thirst for what she has. We can help give them the resources to achieve greatness and thrive in life so that they will never thirst again!